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Kid - 10/3/2003 at 07:08 PM

Dusty, I'm starting to play slide guitar and was wondering if you could recommend an easy blues song to start working on. or if anybody else has advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Pam - 10/4/2003 at 01:23 PM

When I started playing, I didn't start with a song. I started with bird calls. A few little licks here and there but I am just learning too! I am playing for fun! The other night I was listening to some great David Gilmour acoustic stuff and he does the bird calls much faster than the ones I have heard from Duane and Jack and Derek.
I told Dusty on the phone last night that you started this thread and as soon as he can get back online I am sure he will post some suggestions. He told me to just play around and I will know when I hit a note. He gave me a couple lessons and some Rory Block instruction videos to watch too. Oh yeah and a sweet guitar too!

Kid - 10/4/2003 at 11:57 PM

I wish i'd get a new guitar too......

it definately is going to take a lot of practice but i thought it would be fun to learn a song i recognized maybe i'd be more motivated. good luck with learning and keep me updated on the progress.

Dusty - 10/5/2003 at 03:18 PM

hey kid the best acoustic guitar to use to play slide are the cheapest .....I was watching . 'Honey Boy' Edwards over the last week on the PBS show,, and he was playing a new Taylor... and I like the sound he got better from his old Harmony......
and good song to do is 'Rollin' and tumblin' ' tune to a open G... and get the sound in ya ear.....'I be rolling and tumblin all the night long''' tap ya foot.. humm the words....and slide from the nut to the 5th fret...stay there a bit...then slide up to the 3rd there some....and just remember .. the Blues is a feeling theres no perfection in the playing....if ya cant feel it
good luck.. and let Me know how ya made out

Dusty - 10/5/2003 at 03:23 PM

oh yeah Betty .... bird calls are spice ya need something to add it to..... Im gonna call u 'BirdCall Betty' till u do heheheheh

Pam - 10/5/2003 at 04:26 PM

LMAO...Bird call Betty. I like doing the bird calls. I will add to it too. Abi and me are going to sit in the living room tonight with both our guitars and watch them videos!

Sherrick - 10/5/2003 at 08:09 PM

make sure to check the action level, too...if its too low, any pressure on the strings will cause you to fret out, and it sounds like poopoo if you do that.

Personally, when I started playing slide, I had to teach myself, as none of my friends played slide at all....I just grabbed al the different kinds of slide I'd heard in different songs, made a CD, and listened to it over and over while I experimented...granted, I suck at slide...but I don't mind. My intonation always seems to be just a little bit off...but thats ok..hehe.

Really though....pick a comfortable slide (mine is glass), find a comfortable position and finger (I use my middle...i find more stability there than the ring finger), and see what kinda sounds you can make. Try non slide licks with the slide, etc. Just see what you can get it to do.

Kid - 10/13/2003 at 06:23 PM

so i finally started playing slide this weekend this guy taught me "paris texas" and it's a blast. i'm having so much fun playing i'm ready to call in sick just to keep messing around with it.

Dusty - 10/14/2003 at 02:17 PM

hey kid....very cool song to start on ,,,, how do u do it ???? never played it,,, what tunning????

Kid - 10/16/2003 at 12:07 AM

it's an open E tuning but that's pretty much all i can explain.

BROOSE - 10/23/2003 at 04:17 PM

Hey Kid, I was just at guitar center, it's a chain of music superstores, hopefully there's one near you. anyhow, they have a promotion on yamaha flat tops for $199. can't beat that price.
Dusty, don't you have one of thoes too? Some of the cuts on his latest were played on that guitar, weren't they Dusty?

Kid - 10/23/2003 at 10:15 PM

there's a guitar center right down the street from me i often spend hours there loitering.

Pam - 10/24/2003 at 11:11 AM

Hi Broose! Dusty just gave me the Yamaha he used on the Big River Blues CD. My new toy to play with.

Keep on practicing Kid. That is what I am told. I played bird calls for Dusty yesterday when he was visiting. He didn't laugh at me too much.

We used to go to a little music shop up in Windham before it closed and they would let you play with all the instruments there as long as you were careful. I miss that place.

Dusty - 10/24/2003 at 01:51 PM

...the Guitar I was in there the other day.... and saw all the Yamaha's... just about the same type I gave Pam.... I got a couple of tuners ,, a korg for Pam.. and one of those damn new ones..'the intellitouch' like you got ,,,,that hang off ya guitar....I gotta be careful in a Music store that gives me 10% off on everything.....
and Pam,,, the birdcalls,,, were relaxing,and sounded pretty,,I could have fell asleep, listening to u play

yurtle - 10/29/2003 at 08:15 PM

Keep on practicing Kid. That is what I am told.

Dusty - 10/30/2003 at 08:01 AM

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----
Keep on practicing Kid. That is what I am told.

Pam's playing has improved alot , when she was here Saturday,, she was playing lap style with a stevens steel bar.....

Pam - 11/1/2003 at 04:17 PM

I am supposed to play relaxing and pretty. I am a girl. LOL...I will leave the ass kicking stuff for all you guys.

I am totally starting to zone out when playing now, I want to close my eyes all the time and just play....

Dusty - 11/2/2003 at 05:47 AM

I am totally starting to zone out when playing now, I want to close my eyes all the time and just play....
thats a good feeling aint it .....glad I could give you that gift...........

Dusty - 11/2/2003 at 05:57 AM

I am a girl.

HHmmmmmmm...... I believed I noticed that over a year ago .....and thats one of the things I like about ya....hehehe

Pam - 11/2/2003 at 09:23 PM silly bunny!

Kid - 11/11/2003 at 12:26 AM

well i've been practicing and it's coming along fine now i need to learn some new songs....

CanPeach - 11/11/2003 at 08:45 PM

I just picked up a cd-rom from"e-Media" called "Blues Guitar Legends". it plays the songs, shows the chords and guitar solos. Its nice that you can see the notes highlighted as you listen, it also shows you an animated fretboard. Among the blues songs on the disc are Statesboro Blues, and Muddy Waters, BB King, Howlin' Wolf songs, to name a few.

Dusty - 11/11/2003 at 11:27 PM

Damn, its so easy these days to get the info to play. well just about anything,,, I started listening to old records,,,to learn .... and would tune to my it was pretty primative till the electronic tuners came out .... then VCR's and a tape or two..... and a few decades later I be....
I remember the first time I met Duane,, and told him I played Slide,,, and he went Wild and said 'I do too...'.( ya gotta remember this was before the first record, I had no clue who this guy was...) giving me all tunings and info and saying, 'You know Muddy??? You Know BB???'...I had been going to the Newport festivals, for years and had met all the first generation ...Son House..( real cool story Bukka White,, Lighten' Hopkins... ( good story there too)..ect..but this story is geting long lol.. but hhmm I guess they all are now

CanPeach - 11/12/2003 at 01:38 AM

Would have loved to have met all those old blues guys. I count myself lucky to have met Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts more than once. Dusty, anytime you want to tell stories here, go right ahead...we're all ears

Kid - 11/14/2003 at 10:24 PM

I think you just named most of favorites Dusty, that's pretty sweet.

Canpeach i just picked up this book and cd at, of all places, guitar center. it's basically this house band that plays about 10 different blues styled songs and the book gives you ideas for lead guitar and also the chords they are playing so you can play rythm or lead along with the cd. it's a lot of fun and they gave you some great licks to practice too.

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Dusty - 11/25/2003 at 05:13 AM

I'll tell ya the Giutar Center is always trouble for me,, like being in a toy store,, the one they have around here,, is pretty cool.. I just picked up a Tascam CDRW788...for my 788 deck..... the list price was 499.00 , they cut it down to 199.00, I was in there getting a tuner for Pam.... and mentioned it to the guy, the next thing I know.. they call me and give it to me at 99 bucks ,,,,, plus I have my 10% off from ASCAP.. a steal..LOL

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