Thread: The most expensive game "EVE" dead time loss of 40,000 yuan

harrylurer - 10/24/2012 at 06:33 AM

The most expensive game "EVE" dead time loss of 40,000 yuan
Players in the game after the death of what punishment will it? In most RPG games, players after the death of most of them just lose some of their equipment Durability severe point may fall a little gold or experience serious is probably will drop items or equipment in the backpack. But you have heard of a death in the game, causing a loss of $ 6,422.5 may make you?

In recent days, this thing happened in "EVE". Named "stewie Zanjoahir" players in the transportation of a large number of very valuable cargo, was the attack of the other players, and ultimately the loss of all his goods. It is understood that the goods worth 213 billion "EVE" game currency converted into cash $ 6,422.5 ($ 40,154.75 yuan) to buy guild wars 2 gold, and the money to buy 367 "EVE" games on cards.

The player death records

For the news, many foreign players expressed doubts about its authenticity, but after the attack incident, immediately displayed on the official website of "EVE". To further confirm the authenticity of the message, "EVE" official immediately announced on their Facebook network (Facebook) Home of the news. In addition, players questioned in the end is what the goods actually worth thousands of dollars. According to the official description says "EVE", a number of valuable blueprint. In the game, the blueprint for the price is very expensive, some blueprints of a small number of multibillion game currency. Occurred in the players "stewie Zanjoahir" who's said in the history of "EVE", even after the death of all other online games, players lost the largest incident
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