Thread: tardy as usual

FarmerMaggie - 3/14/2005 at 10:37 PM

Just 'poking around', I followed JR's signature link over here. Thanks JR.
When I read Dusty's comments on 'Little Blackie' going to The Big House, it made me weepy and goosebumpy. Powerful stuff. Kind of like magic I had to sign in and lay down my two pennies. Not worth much...unless they are real copper, then that penny is worth at least a dime.

Dusty - 3/20/2005 at 04:15 PM

Hey Maggie, cool... your pennies are worth gold here lol....
I'll find out today who took the guitar home from the auction!!! I know they will have fun with it!!!! and that to me is the pleasure of giving away a instrument.. to put a smile on someones face!!!!
and that JR I love the guy!!!!

FarmerMaggie - 3/20/2005 at 05:44 PM

You're awesome, Dusty! What a way to share the love!

Dusty - 3/23/2005 at 07:09 PM

You're awesome, Dusty!
aawwww shucks, I bet ya say that to all the boys hehehe

yurtle - 3/26/2005 at 03:47 PM

FarmerMaggie - 3/27/2005 at 02:57 AM

aawwww shucks, I bet ya say that to all the boys hehehe
hmmm... 2 or 3... but never without cause

Dusty - 5/27/2005 at 12:42 AM

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