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Pam - 10/15/2003 at 02:38 PM

Hello all! Dusty came up with a fantastic idea to have a nice big t-givin' dinner at his place out on the river! What we would like is for anyone who will not be spending Thanksgiving with family or friends this year to come on out and share the good food and beautiful setting out on Big River! It will be an informal event so come on over in your comfy clothes and if you have an instrument be sure to bring it along for the Thanksgiving Jam!
Last year around holiday time I started gathering up phone numbers and calling those folks who were going to be alone for the holidays. I made some great friends that way but this year I decided along with Dusty that a phone call was great but we should all gather together and have some good old fashioned fun! Music, food and family to share it with! So far we have a couple of our musician friends that will be coming by and Dusty the resident blues man, Abigail and myself and anyone else that wants to come on out! Your all invited! The door is open! The fireplace will be going and we are gonna have a great time! Nothing like a beautiful Thanksgiving in New England!

Dusty - 10/20/2003 at 04:54 AM

all I can say is Thank God for you ,woman

Dusty - 11/2/2004 at 08:25 PM

hhmmm Turkey Day is comming soon!!!!...I saw about 20 wild ones the other day....

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