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Dusty - 12/6/2003 at 07:59 AM

...might be going to NEWCO to a Lightin' Brother's Jam,, Sat night,,if they have foodlol
and Sunday , every month they have a BlueGrass Jam up the Maple Glen in Foster , the next town over,,,,some real old guys playing Jimmie Roger's and other old timey music,,,,...and..with snow,,, it gets crowded,,, cabin fever

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Dusty - 12/12/2003 at 03:26 PM

ok last weekend was a blow out,,cause of all the snow but another Lightin' Brother's gig this Saturday.... actually just a jam and get togeather ,,, but its Christmas!!!! and good to be with friends

Dusty - 12/30/2003 at 05:44 PM

this should be interesting!!!! it's from Brother Les

Remember to mark your calendar for this coming Friday evening, at 6:00pm, January 2, 2004 for Sal's 18th birthday celebration..a somewhat informal party however, there is a good probability that this could turn into a trans-generational music extravaganza consisting of musicians ranging in age from 16 to 50+ years. To say it could prove to be interesting might be an understatement....there will be food and drink as can you go wrong?????????

did he say food ??????

Dusty - 1/6/2004 at 12:09 AM

that was a cool night,, there's so much talent in that family!!!
When I first got there,, they had on the Beacon DVD of James Taylor........looks mucho different... than when the ABB plays there

Les - 1/8/2004 at 02:04 AM

Well it was a fine time indeed! It was nice bringing some new blood (Dave) into the circle too!

Glad everyone enjoyed themselves!


ps: wait til the summer kicks in and the dock parties start up on Narragansett Bay!

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Dusty - 1/11/2004 at 01:56 PM

quote: wait til the summer kicks in and the dock parties start up on Narragansett Bay!
hhhmmmm Summer

Dusty - 2/14/2004 at 02:40 PM

we got a great little place in Carolina RI.. called the Hope Valley pub.... and gonna be there sundays

Dusty - 3/7/2004 at 01:41 PM

just got this from Brother Les....
Sal and his mates took another second place finish in their division against over 250 competing schools from all over the world. Gotta’ take a second to brag a little here……..this was Sal’s last year competing at Berklee and he picked up a Judges Choice award for a jazz trio that he and a couple of his mates put together on their own.
..... guess the apple dont fall far from the tree

Dusty - 7/27/2004 at 04:22 PM

seems for a fun band of friends just jammin' we been playing a real lot.... every weekend ,,, a different place..... and now starting to get paid and eat,,, which is.....good,,, but we just want to play.... and do what we the idea...of doing paying ggis ,, don't sit well with some of the guys....cause they think ,, that they will lose the freedom and flexibility of doing and trying anything... hhmmm maybe they dont understand the concept...of the jambands

Les - 7/30/2004 at 12:59 AM

Hey Brother Dusty!!!!!

We've had the whole thing under wraps for so long and now it seems like folks are enjoying what they're hearing!

It's all good for me! I've done plenty of playin' to packed houses, along with my fair share of playin' to nothing' but tables and chairs. Doesn't really matter much. It's all about the music! If folks are likin' it, so much the better!!!!

Dusty - 8/1/2004 at 10:08 AM

You Got it!!! Brother Les the old empty room tour no more .... I was thinking we have kinda a wall of sound thing going with the guitars,, a nice mix between the acoustic and electric.....
whens the date on the pig roast at the marina,,,,,, great crowd and I love pig
I'll be talking to ya soon

Dusty - 11/16/2004 at 01:43 AM

Lightning Bros.,

Rosin up your bows and tune up your kazoos!!! We’re on!! Friday Dec 10th

-Buffet starts @ 1:00pm

-Lightning Brothers jam till, 6pm

Aztec Two-Step @ 7pm

Aztec/ Lightning jam around 8:30

Closing ceremonies hosted by the Lightning Brothers until 11pm.or 12 or 1 or at our discretion.

We need to get together before the date and go over “Its going on Saturday”, “Prisoner”, and “Stand by me”

Please spread the word gently, amongst immediate friends and family, to insure there will be a comfortable amount space to enjoy the party

Any donations of up to $20.00 per person (but not necessary) would be greatly appreciated to off-set the expenses.

Sincerely elated,

Rusty Fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty - 12/30/2004 at 03:19 AM

this gig was a blast great new sound system. great venue, great sold out crowd!!! and ohhh pleanty of great food

Dusty - 5/21/2005 at 12:07 AM

Well the the Summer season is starting and tommorow is a dry run with the Lightenin' Brother's......I hope to be there lol

Dusty - 6/24/2005 at 01:31 AM

Gigs allover the place.the next few weeks!!!!..I aint playing my Blues.. but as long as Im playing,,,Im Happy

Dusty - 12/23/2005 at 03:03 AM

....another Xmas party at NEWCO...always good to see my Lightin' Bro's

Dusty - 5/19/2006 at 05:03 AM

Party/jam,Sat...., Brother Roy, ,,,just got home from duty in a party is in need!!!

Dusty - 5/27/2006 at 04:28 AM

... got a gig at the Marina this sat with the LBB,,but for me its gonna be the weather that decides...but they really put out a good spread of food!!!! and the people are all so kind,,and generous!!!! been playing there for 3 years

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