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Dusty - 6/29/2005 at 01:09 AM

Hey folks,, now that Im doing a bunch of solo gigs.....figured I'd start keep track of my rejections lol... with the Sonic bids EKP, I get alot of exposure.... and some good invites to play at some major festival.. sure it kinda like trying to pin the tail on the donkey,,, but its a chance,,,, heres my rejection for the ALL Good Festival, which I got today :
Date: 6/28/2005 4:14:38 PM
Status: Not Selected
Response: Thank you for submitting your EPK for consideration to play the All Good Fest 2005. We were impressed with the large number of high quality acts we reviewed and it was hard to narrow down the list of submissions, but unfortunately your band was not selected for this year’s event.

Thank you again for your effort.

Walther Productions

if ya dont try, aahhh well you get the drift!!!!!!!

Dusty - 8/20/2005 at 03:16 AM

I got a nice one comming up ....In Maine for the Holiday weekend...actualy the people who own the land,,,, ( between 2 people about 100 acres on a river..) been thinking about do a music fest of some kind next year!!!
earlier this summer, I played at one guy's the Woods of Cov and the CT line,,, and it was a Blast!!! miles down a dirt road!!!
and my friend across the pond who owns the other chunk of land,,, invited me up for the Annual Family Party... for Lobster, steamer's and alot of goodies!!!
what makes it doeable is that I can take Jake,,, as he gets older....and slower , its very difficult to leave hive alone for many reasons....So 'I've been passing up many small gigs and cookouts.... First things first eh???

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