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Dusty - 12/4/2005 at 12:52 AM

Greg is my main man on the new CD.... He plays a National style Triolain, Alverz and Taylor guitars! and sings too

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Dusty - 1/2/2007 at 04:46 AM

and the last time we talked he got up real slow and made sure he dident turn his back on me, and walked backwards out the door good friend too .. makes me sad..

......I think I can salavage one or two cuts of that CD.... Skip James's "Sick bed Blue's "did come out good.. spooky...

if I dident hate to over dub. I'd be easier

harshal - 8/22/2009 at 10:06 AM

It's really interesting.I love to visit this web site again and again.

Dusty - 12/13/2010 at 01:20 AM

well Harshael...I guess it dosent take much to keep u interested lol..... keep web hosting.....I hope it works out fer yer...

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