Thread: Dickey, Warren & Woody/freebie for 3

CanPeach - 9/16/2003 at 11:30 PM

Most of you probably have this but in case you don't...

Dickey Betts, Warren Haynes and the late great Allen Woody in an all acoustic 1 disc set from the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame April 14, 1996. Some early copies of this making the rounds were very low volume but this one is good. A couple of highlights include Dickey singing "Tombstone Eyes", one of the rare acoustic versions you'll ever hear, and on "Ramblin' Man" Dickey adds the "lost" 3rd verse of the song.

First 3 to post here get this for free, just PM me with your address. If you're totally new to this or any HTW site and not sure what a PM is, ask here.


1. R&RHOF Intro
2. Dickey's Intros
3. Good Time Feelin'
4. Let Me Ride
5. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
6. Blue Sky
7. Ramblin' Man
8. Southbound

The_Newt - 9/17/2003 at 03:31 AM

I'd like a copy of this.

zephyr - 9/17/2003 at 10:24 AM

I would love a copy of this show too. #2 by my counting.
Thank you.

Htownfan - 9/17/2003 at 03:29 PM

In at #3 and I'll clost the door. Pm to follow. Thanks CanPeach.

baba - 12/17/2009 at 05:30 AM

Warren Haynes got his first break when he had just turned 20 years old, joining David Allan Coe's touring and recording band in 1980.[2] Coe's bass guitarist Mickey Hayes had first seen Haynes performing at a nightclub called "The Brass Tap" in Asheville, NC. Coe and the band had just finished a movie called "Lady bunk beds Grey", and Coe had decided to drop his current lead guitarist at the time, so Hayes went to Coe and told him of a promising guitarist he'd seen play, recommended Haynes be hired to join the band and fill the spot. Upon Hayes advice, Coe called and asked Haynes join the band. He joined that night and played his first gig with the band in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.For several years Haynes toured with Coe's band throughout America, as well as tours overseas through Norway, Denmark, and Britain, amongst others. While recording a David Allan Coe X-rated duvet covers album in the studio in Nashville, Tennessee late one night, Coe left and came back with friends Dickey Betts, Gregg Allman, and Don Johnson (who was acting in the television show Miami Vice, but who also sang with the Allman Brothers upon occasion). This was Haynes' first introduction to Dickey Betts.After playing with Coe for years, Warren Haynes and futon Mickey Hayes left Coe and relocated to Nashville, where they shared an apartment and worked together to form the band "Rich Hippies" which consisted of: Dennis Robbins on slide guitar and backing vocals, Mickey Hayes on Bass guitar and backing vocals, Mark Deaver on drums and Warren Haynes on lead guitar and lead vocals, and Tommy Irwin on steel guitar. The band lasted over a year from 1984 to late 1985, with them performing various clubs around the Nashville area.

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