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January 18, 2022
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Here's where we will keep track of Dusty's own CD's as well as contributions to others.

You can buy "Blues Take Me Home..." and "Big River Blues" at or buy "Big River Blues" at


Our lyrics section is up and running. These lyrics are solely for your personal enjoyment in understanding the lyrics to the songs -- they are not to be used in any performances without obtaining proper licensing -- they are copyrighted as shown! Please feel free to submit lyrics from the Dusty Sommers's songs and we'll add them here.

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He's Singing The Blues
Posted on Saturday, August 02, 2003 - 10:06 PM
by Meredith Cristiano,The Kent County Daily Times,2/17/97

The car bumps along a sleepy dirt road and comes to a stop just outside a cedar cabin. Inside, you marvel at the shiny beams of wood and brass trimmed fireplace, Native American blankets and remarkable still photographs.

A sliding door to the deck renders a delicate, Currier and Ives view Big River, just at Coventry's southern edge. With J. Dustin Sommers, you quickly learn to anticipate and relish the unexpected. A young, self-proclaimed "Swamp Yankee" with proclivity for some mean delta blues, a native Conventry son who happens to be friends with some very prominent southerners-namely, the Allman Brothers Band.

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