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April 20, 2021
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It's Live, It's Rough, It's Real Country Blues
The music on this CD is a loose, rough, laidback & simple acoustic slide country blues in the stylings of Charlie Patton, Tommy Johnson, Son House, Fred McDowell, Skip James, Willie Brown, David 'HoneyBoy' Edwards, Bukka White and many others.

Muddy Waters called this music "Deep Blues", and the deepest blues asks its listeners to confront their joys, their sorrows, their lusts, and, above all, their mortality...

If the music has a single Great Subject, it's impermanence, that everything in Life changes. As Tommy Johnson sang, hopefully, "The sun's gonna shine in my back door some day, and the wind's gonna rise and blow my blues away..."

It was recorded live to a four-track Tascam recorder at Idlewild East on Big River during 1997 & 1998 using Dobro, National & flat-top acoustic guitars in open tuning and numerous bottleneck slides.

Thanks to 'River Rat' Dave, Jim & Diane Ferro, Rod, Catfish Keith, John 'Crawlin' Snake' Mac, Paul J. Garvey, Dave Morgan & Harpo, Doctor 'Bob', Freddy & Frank at OQU-OPS, Lana, Karen & Terry, Neighbor Pete, Captain Jack, Paulita Alberti, Brian, Adam S. Rodell, Larry, Dan Moretti, Val & Tip, Bob Reynolds & Sally, Joyce, 'Boston Blackie', Kelly, Amy & Ralph, J.C., Mel, Paul Geremia & Mad Dog, John, Campbell, Terry, Jen & Josh.

Buy Big River Blues at

or Buy it at

Click the track title for a 30 second Windows Media sound clip: 1. Worried Man Blues
2. I'm So Glad
3. Moon Goin' Down
4. First Things First (dedicated to Duane Allman)
5. You Got To Move
6. Country Blues Stomp
7. Sunset On Big River (Fishin' My Life Away)
8. Duolian in 'D' (for 'Son' House)
9. My Time To Go
10. Deal With Me (On Your Judgement Day)
11. One Kind Favor
12. Sunset On Big River (for Thor)

Musical & philosophical inspiration: John Hammond & Gregg Allman

Technical Support: Frank Hyde

Special thanks to Ma & Pa 'M', Kevin, Sandi & Morgan.

Very special thanks to Linda Caparrelli for all your support, salads, stews, vittles, photos & everything else.

To all my Dobermans, Zeke, Thor, Odin, Jake, Tashas & Tigar for keeping the Devil from my door, and Gary DeSilva for pulling me from Hurricane Surf at K-39, Pt. Judith, RI & saving my live in Sept. 1967.

Dedicated to Roberta 'Bobbie' Ruggieri, 1955-1995.

Kudos and Awards
The year 1999, was damn good to me! Not only did I first get signed online with and then signed by the Record label 'the Orchard' in NYC and distributed by 'Valley Media' (the biggest in the country) which has made "Big River Blues" available on every online music and book store from CDNow to to in Spain (hey I kid ya not, hehehe check it out!!!! ) and if its not in a store near you, ask them to order it for ya!!!

I received a Writers Award from ASCAP (American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers) a grant and recognition for "Big River Blues."

Then in August of 99, Gunivere Williams, the Blues Editor from, gave me a fantastic review in her column and added "Big River Blues" as her Editors pick... and things really took of from there.

I was next added to the "Emerging Artists" category with "the greats:" Big Bill Morganfield, Deborah Coleman, Coco Montoya, Paul Riesel and Annie Raines, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Susan Tedeschi and Johnny Lang among others.... In August, I cracked the top 20 in sales for Indie/Blues on Amazon,(and hit #468 in sales for all of Amazon, remember they have over 15 million CDs, my mind was spinnin' heheheh) for a while there, I was selling out daily...

In Sept. I received a call from Amazon, asking if I wanted placement in their Holiday catalog, It was the first time they had ever offered it to an Indie artist, the Catalog came out right after Thanksgiving 99 to over 2.4 million people ( in every order from Amazon) and I was included with Paul McCartney, Nine Inch Nail, Wilson Pickett and Van Morrison among about a dozen other Major Recording artists...Amazing!!!

Email to book Dusty or for more information.
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