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Posted by Pam on Mar 10, 2005 - 07:17 AM

A while back Pam, brought to my attention the auction during the Beacon run in NYC, for the Big House Foundation and a scholarship fund for Brothers Bobo's daughter....

...being run buy The Sweeties, so as usual, I took my time thinking about it,,,,
When the Foundation first started, I had though about getting one of the brick's with my name etched in it,,,and then I thought I really didn't want to see my name carved in stone,I see that enough when I visit some of my friends who have passed on......
So I looked around here and came up with a Les Paul Jr made by Gibson/Epiphone, I had been using during the summer when I gig around with 'the Lightin' Brother's Band ',my Alt.Folk/Country/Bluegrass band which I play dobro and drums, during Christmas I picked up a Lap Steel,which is a challenge to play, with the steven's steel bar , but fits in more with the sound of the LBB.
Now the Big House ,as we all know here on HTW, is the spiritual home of the Allman Brother's Band when the band was in Macon,GA, but for those who come here from the 'outside' check it out at www.BigHouseFoundation.org
and I hope whoever takes 'Little Blackie' home 'hits the note' with it!!!
And remember what Brother Willie Perkins said in his new book,''No Saints,No Saviors"
...Life is short. Break some rules. Have some fun!
seeya later

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